Börner Cheesemaker und Multimaker Set

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Make shorts – the Börner Cheesemaker
With dem Börner Käsemaker k Snnen Sie super einfach Käse herstellen. Can you believe what normal norms Kuhmilch or vegan Milch like z.B. Soya wählen. Nie war die Herstellung von veganem Käse so einfach. And the best? Der Käse kommt völlig ohne Zusatzstoffe aus!

They are made with this set of the perfect combination of products for the production process in the same cuisine.

Wenn sie z.B. vegan bags made of large pieces with the help of the Multimakers, soybean meal in the microwave oven. Accompanying the natural Gernnungsmittel like the Mutron and melt. Fertig is the selfish vegane Käse!

Return to Housing at the same time, quickly and easily. With the Börner Cheesemaker you have the chance to make some evasions by going to Ihrem Geschmack. With dem Börner Käse Maker können Sie a single vegan Käse selber machen. Pure on the boat is a bag of sex. But it is also designed to support honey and marmalade, for dips, to overpower or to fill with antipasti.

Käse is reich an wichtigen Nährstoffen, wie Calcium, Phosphor and den Vitamins A, B, E, D and K and zugleich fettarm. In addition to the short supply, the self-contained kitchen utensils include canned food, baking powder, baking powder and baking powder. The selbstgemachte Käse is a natural product, the only way to make your own variations can be

You can, of course, add other crops, such as croissants or paprika, to create your own Geschmack. The genius of the bag directly to the ablution warm or loose.


Cheesemaker: 19cm x 13.5 cm 12cm
Teller: 17.5cm x 18.5cm x 3cm
Multimaker: 27cm x 27cm x 15cm
Frischhaltedeckel: 25cm x 25cm x 3cm
Technical Data:

Hochwertigem Abtropfsieb
Passenger Teller as Abtropfhilfe
Eninach, schnell and gesunden Käse zubereiten
Microwave oven and grinder
Reinforcement in the spool machine is possible
Free from Weichmachern and BPA

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