Product information “Börner Multi Dicer attachment”

The compact Julienne cutter for strips and cubes

Are you looking for a space-saving variant to quickly and easily cut your vegetables into cubes and strips? You are in the right place! The Multi Dicer attachment is not only convincing with its super sharp blades, but also the handy size and the simplified handling that makes the Julienne cutter stand out from other planes. It is perfect for quick vegetable strips for Asian pans or delicious vegetable salads. Regardless of whether zucchini, paprika or potatoes, the sharp blades do not stop at vegetables.

The cube function can be set very simply by pushing up the bolt. Simply turn the vegetables 90 ° after each cut and you will get perfect little cubes. The dicer is ideally suited for quick onion cubes. Create delicious salads and dishes.

Cleaning is also super easy! Just rinse under running water and you’re done!

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