Borner Slice Cutter DesignLine

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As product of our innovative DesignLine the slice cutter not only convinces with its elegant appearance in off white, but also with a perfect ergonomic handling.

Now you can cut even larger quantities of vegetables for salads, soups or side dishes quick, hassle- free and safe. A healthy diet builds on freshly prepared ingredients that are not prepared industrially. This preserves vitamins and dietary fiber as well as tasty flavors. Fresh salads, crisp vegetable side dishes or soups turn out perfect with the help of our slice cutter. The preparation of cucumbers, radish, carrots, leak, onions and other healthy ingredients is fun and cutting thin or even wafer-thin slices is as easy as one-two-three. Even preparing a snack between meals will turn into a real vital kick with enjoyment factor. The pleasant appearance of this innovative kitchen helper will make you want to create delicious dishes made with fresh ingredients. With its fresh color and ergonomically perfect design, it will persuade everybody that wants to create crisp salads, delicious soups or a variety of vegetable side dishes in the blink of an eye.

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