Product information “Slide box for V1 and V3 with 1.6 mm and 10 mm slots”

Cut Julienne strips and French fries

The two additional slots for the original Börner V-slicer V6 Exclusive allow you an unimagined variety when preparing fruit and vegetables. With the original Borner 1.6 mm knife insert, you can cut very fine julienne strips from firm fruit and vegetables and, if you cut in beforehand, you can cut beautiful small cubes.
With the 10 mm knife insert you can cut very coarse sticks for french fries and by cutting into cubes for e.g. B. Soups and stews made from solid fruits and vegetables. The knife inserts are located in the practical Börner slide box for safe storage. In addition to the two knife inserts supplied, there is also space for the disk insert in the practical box.

Product data:

Accessory part for V-Plane V1 ClassicLine and V3 TrendLine
Blade inserts 1.6 mm and 10 mm
with original Börner stainless steel blades
Available in white and orange
free from plasticizers and BPA

The slide box with 1.6mm and 10mm insert for the V6 ExclusiveLine can be found here.

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